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Is My Child A Picky Eater?

“My child doesn’t like vegetables”, “My child would rather snack all day than eat regular meals”, “My child is five years old and I have to feed her during mealtime because I’m worried she’s not getting adequate nutrition”, “My child eats in phases- one month eating only chicken nuggets and rice, the next month- waffles and apple slices. The next month wanting only chocolate milk and goldfish crackers”. If you find yourself relating to any one or more of these statements, you have yourself a picky eater!

Why Addressing a Picky Eater is More Important Than You Think

As a concerned parent of a picky eater, you pullout every trick in the book in an attempt to get your child on a regular eating schedule and ensure proper nutrition. You might use blueberries to put a happy face on pancakes, blend vegetables into a chocolate shake or even make adorable cartoon-shaped cutouts to present your turkey and cheese sandwiches. These are a just few of the most commonly used strategies that can possibly make food more appealing to your child. However, for many parents these approaches fall short. This is because picky eating is not the root of the problem. It is actually the outcome of more problematic factors that are influencing your child’s eating habits and appetite.

What Is Causing My Child to be a Picky Eater?

If your child is selective and/or demonstrates apathy toward food, this is not uncommon and there can be many factors attributed to his or her lack of appetite or extreme aversion to certain foods. Learn about the 3 most common underlying causes that can make a picky eater out of your child. Once you have uncovered the main cause of your child’s picky eating habits, read here about some effective and surprisingly fun parenting tips to implement at the table that will get your child eating healthy in no time.

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