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Lori’s Little Wisdoms Vlog – Choices

Your children are looking for direction and certainty, so remember that you, the parent, need to dictate your child’s daily schedule.

Giving children too many choices can be a major stressor for little ones. If your child is not listening right now, be more directional in your communications. For example, instead of saying, “Do you want to read a story now?” say, “We are going to read a story now.” Instead of, “Are you ready to do your school work?’ “It’s time to do your school work.”

This type of communication provides children a sense of certainty about their day, the expectations you have of them and, with that, they can function more independently within the directives and structure you provide. As your children become more compliant within your home routine, you can begin giving choices. For example, “Do you want to work on your spelling or vocabulary, first?” For younger children, “Do you want to color with markers or crayons?”

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