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Lori’s Little Wisdoms Vlog – Listening

A child who doesn’t listen causes a high level of frustration for a parent; the unwanted behavior also creates an ongoing unpleasantness within the parent-child relationship. There are many factors that influence a child’s desire and willingness to comply; the most common one is a parent’s overuse of reminders and warnings. Continual reminders and warnings do not motivate a child to listen, they actually send a message that compliance is an option. 

In the eyes of a child, trust is built when people and environments are consistent, predictable and truthful. If you have established a rule in your home or make a request of your child, simply follow through immediately to ensure compliance. Consistent follow through sends a message to your child that listening is the only choice and that you, the parent, mean what you say. A parent’s predictable responsiveness is one of the core foundations of the trust building process and will assist greatly in raising a compliant child.

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