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Lori’s Little Wisdoms Vlog – Potty Training

Potty training is not something that children try it is something that they do until achieved. Potty training is a developmental process with building blocks that need to be achieved in chronological order for optimal success. Contrary to popular belief and practice, voiding in the toilet is one of the very last steps in the potty-training process as it takes time for children to physically and intellectually understand that, “Potty no longer goes in my pants, it goes somewhere else.” The most effective way to potty train children while minimizing resistance is to first establish a consistent routine of visiting the bathroom, focusing on independent skills. Once children are comfortable in the new routine, daytime potty training can begin in big kid underwear and increased visits to the potty. The more committed parents and children are to the routine, the quicker the potty-training process goes. Once a child is consistently eliminating in the potty during the day, parents can then move to sleep time potty training.

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