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Oh Crap! This Actually Works: Potty Training Program

Oh Crap! This Actually Works: A Proven Potty Training Program for Parents

There are endless resources and opinions on the market, as well as countless social media influencers telling you to do potty training one way and others telling you to do it another way. I know this because so many parents come to me after exhausting every “proven” method available wondering where they went gone wrong and believing that their child will never be potty trained. This is the primary reason and motivation behind this invaluable potty-training handbook and video presentation.

My program, if followed as prescribed, is nearly full proof because it is aligned with your child’s natural development, as well as physical and cognitive milestones. My program is an easy to follow, common sense approach to potty training where you will learn the following:

– When is your child ready to start potty-training?
– How to set up a potty routine so that your child feels successful, even in the early stages.
– When is your child capable of telling you when he/she has to go potty?
– When and how to start naptime and nighttime potty-training.
– How to deal with resistance and other common behaviors that arise during potty training.

If you’re interested in purchasing this program, please do click HERE.




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